Friday, 22 April 2011

Goldilocks buttercups Woodthorpe holloway

A little buttercup of damp woodland edges. Found these in the old holloway near Woodthorpe.

Violets and wood anemones, Gillfield Wood

A good year for violets.

Bluebells, whitecoal kiln, Gillfield

Whitecoal - an entirely different material to charcoal - was used to smelt lead. And the woods round here are full of the archaeological remains of the kilns used to make the whitecoal. Here's one - the pit behind the bluebells. For years people thought they were bomb craters.

Bluebells Gillfield

Bluebells Gillfield, originally uploaded by goldsally.

Many Totley people go to the more famous Ecclesall woods to see the bluebells, not realising that the woods right here are full of them...

Flora of Gillfield Wood

Wood anemones, Gillfield, originally uploaded by goldsally.

Gillfield, mostly chopped down and replanted in the 1960's with American Oak and Larch, is truly an ancient wood - ie documented before 1600. Its very flowers help to tell us this - right now its full of wood anemones, bluebells, dog mercury, violets. We (the newly formed Friends of Gillfield Wood) are to learn about surveying the wood's plants at a special session in the woods on May 1st.

April '11 Greenoak Journal

Misty morning Greenoak ParkView from Woodthorpe hollowayGoldilocks buttercups Woodthorpe hollowayWoodthorpe hollowayView to Fanshaw GateViolets and wood anemones, Gillfield Wood
Wood anemones, GillfieldBluebells GillfieldBluebells, whitecoal kiln, GillfieldCoppice tree, third pathTrees third path from GillfieldInside quarry, Totley Hall Farm
Crabapple white laneView from White LaneBluebells Tricket WoodTricket woodFrom White LaneTo Fanshaw Gate
Hawthorn standard, Sheps BankBroken tree Sheps BankInto Gillfield from White Lane

April '11 Greenoak Journal, a set on Flickr.

Spring - and I'm springing into action again on blogging my photos.