Thursday, 19 March 2009

Back again...

Sorry to have neglected the journal - have been in Amsterdam to see my son (see my Flickr pictures) and in Lincolnshire to look after my Mum.

However - the big news is that I have won quite a major poetry competition - one of 4 winners in the Poetry Business pamphlet competition judged by Michael Longley. So I will get a pamphlet of poems published. I am over the moon....

Here, together with a photo from yesterday's walk, is a poem which will be in the pamphlet:

The holloway

Duck, and you’re fed inside
this oak-soaked dark -
a gullet carved from wildwood where
a pheasant’s broken clockwork startles.

You’re breathed in.
Only rattled blackbirds breach
the arched green hush
where banks are mossed.
Soft earth, hard stone,
leaf-litter, flesh the floor,
and still you are flowed, a boat,
runnelled and cundy borne,
away from heat that frets
in a future - not of your choosing,
yet somehow of your making.


  1. Sally, this is lovely and says just what we lovers of special places find so hard to say. The award is richly deserved. Congratulations.


  2. Thanks Neil. As I said yesterday, your own blog is marvellous - the photos, the language, the poitics...

  3. love the images from Amsterdam Sally

    Love Cath X

  4. Brilliant news about the Poetry Business win - congratulations & hope to raise a toast to you soon
    xx River