Saturday, 11 April 2009

New kids on the block

An overdue update of Spring arrivals but as Maisie the dog has been away for a week, I haven't been out and about much .....

Another photograph of the wood anenomes (anenome nemorosa) which drift over Gillfield Woods - blooming for a few weeks now. They only fully open in the sun and take advantage time-wise of the light before the leaves are on the trees.

Wood anemones, Gillfield Wood

Out of the woods and across the fields to Totley Hall Lane, I spotted some blue wood anenomes - possibly a garden escape now naturalised? Anyone know?

Blue wood anenomes Totley Hall Lane

In the fields of Totley hall farm I also heard the kew-wick of a kestrel and spotted it in a tree...

Kestrel in tree Totley Hall Farm

Chris the expert bird spotter say there are little owls. Both he and another neighbour have also seen a buzzard. Need to get out and check for warblers. Even swallows....

Down near the Shepley Spitfire on White Lane I looked for signs of the Lords and Ladies (many ruder names but we always knew it as Cuckoo Pint - to rhyme with mint - possibly being a word like pistle - you can guess what that is). Here they are - more photos to come, hopefully, of its ruder manifestations as the seasons progress.

Lords and Ladies

And a lovely and very friendly young beastie has joined the sheep below St George's Farm.

The new kid on the block

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