Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Blacka Moor

Bilberries in flower, Blacka Moor, Dore, Sheffield

We had a little walk up on Blacka last week and found the bilberries in flower. Here's a reminder to check out Neil, the Blacka Blogger's site where he talks about these. He also posts wonderful pictures of the deer up there - natural grazers, not like the heavy footed Highland Cattle that have been introduced, he says. It is quite magical the way the deer have made Blacka their home. I've not been early enough, quiet enough (with a partner and dog) or sharp eyed enough to spot them yet. But almost every day Neil finds them and is learning more about them.

Tree, Blacka Moor, Nr Dore, Sheffield


  1. Bella & I have just been on Blacka, walking down Strawberry Lea Lane 2 deer came bounding towards us up the road & veered off about 20yds away onto Roger Hill's land. I've never encountered the deer before so to see them & be so close was fantastic! Ian