Monday, 4 May 2009

Welcome in the May - o!

Hawthorn, White Lane, Totley May 1st

May Day photos: blackthorn over but the hawthorn - or may- about to burst.

Stitchwort, Gillfield Wood, May 1st

Stitchwort or Poor Man's Buttonhole around Gillfield...

Gillfield Wood Bluebells, May 1st.

.....and the blue smoke of bluebells in the Wood.

Chiffchaffs and warblers singing, swallows swerving in the fields, blackbirds on every tree and satellite dish. Barbara says there is one near her (or maybe it's a thrush?) on Greenoak Road that she is sure keeps singing "Mary Joby, Mary Joby" - the name of an old lady who used to live there.


  1. I've been enjoying reading your posts about Totley, I found it accidentally when Googling for Totley history and Gillfield Wood which in 30 plus years living in this area I've never visited. I now plan to do something about that.

  2. Let's walk together Rowan! I am in there with Maisie nearly every day.

  3. Oh whoops! Wrong Rowan! Thought I knew you as my friend's daughter is also Rowan - but glad you found me....

  4. Hello :)

    Oh lovely, lovely photos. I come via the John Clare blog. Isn't May wonderful? It's quite my favourite month of the year I think; so much going on in nature and impossible to keep up with it all.