Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Today we see this gobbledegook at the entrance to the recreation ground near Totley Hall. Who put it there? Who is it aimed at? What does it mean? Hallam gave it as "planning gain" land when they built houses on the brown field site of the old Poly buildings. Last year they wanted to get it out from green belt protection. Residents are worried.....
Yesterday more gobbledeegook at the planning board meeting I went to on behalf of SPACE. We were all very tired after waiting 4 hours to speak. Councillors did not interrogate officers - and effectively gave their approval to the ugly lights. Although Cllr Hesketh (the Chair) seems to be on our side and is not letting it rest - so some hope yet. The same day the diggers moved in at the end of Gillfield Wood to construct the new turning circle.
I spent most of today at the computer emailing and asking questions.

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  1. The gobbledegook is intended to sabotage any future effort by local people to apply for village green status. If people get the idea that they have used the space 'as of right'for 20 years they will have a case for claiming it as common land, and thus stopping development. A notice telling people the council kindly consents to their using the land means the council are in control and local people can't stop the Directorate from doing what it wants.