Thursday, 5 February 2009

Natural light

Yesterday nine of us SPACE (Sheffield and Peak Against Urban Encroachment) activists met at the ugly lights on Baslow Road for a press photograph with the Star, then off to speak at the Full Council meeting to put our case against them. We were gratified to hear that at last the Council seems to see there is an issue here. There is to be an enquiry into the lights and terminus involving Transport and Highways, the Peak Park Authority, the Head of Planning and SYPTE. So, we activists and our allies - the CPRE and the Peak Park as well as local organisations - have had a real impact here. We want to find out more about the nature of this enquiry. What the outcome will be we don't know and we will argue that we should give evidence too. Our local councillors, from sitting very firmly on the fence, seem to be cosying up to us now....

Evening in the woods - a waxing moon and homeward drifting jackdaws.

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  1. This is an achievement worthy of an award! Now the officers will be working away full time to come up with reasons for doing nothing. The aim must be to get the lights removed. That would give such a signal as to ensure they won't try such a thing again. Councillors should be chivvied mercilessly and told they ought to be in control, not drifting around being lapdogs of the council directorate.