Sunday, 22 February 2009

Hi ho for Spring....

We never tire of our default walk - up through Gillfield Woods, across the Totley Brook and up Shep's Hill to Woodthorpe, then back along the White Lane. Or in reverse of course. It's always different, always new things to discover. And grand views to fields near Fanshawegate and across to moorland on Totley Moss.
Yesterday morning's sun lifted my heart.
And a note to myself that over the past few days, at dusk, there are lots of thrushes up on the Bradway bridlepath enjoying the sound of their own voices. Scolding blackbirds too. Robins singing much more assertively now. The rooks' nests by the council flats growing. The residents don't seem to mind their noisy neighbours - lots of bread being thrown out for them this morning. And they definitely know Barbara who feeds them regularly.....


  1. That is a great walk, Bella still has to sample it's delights. Interesting you call it Shep's Hill - we always call it Shep's Bank. Ian

  2. I think you might be right as our next door neighbour who is a Totleyite calls it Shep's Bank too.