Thursday, 22 January 2009


Went up onto Blacka Moor last Sunday with the Blacka Blogger in search of the red deer and some discussion on the controversies over the present management of of Blacka. Encouraging the landscape for the herd of red deer who have made their own way in, and for local people who love the scrubby mix of birch, alder and moorland here, seems much the most sensible and respectful way to go. There's a sort of eco-racism that operates sometimes about particular plants and creatures. While I am all for conserving habitats where possible, working with the wonderful birds, beasts and birch that have made their way must surely be important? Blacka Blogger has made me determined to look some more into these real disagreements - not just in Sheffield - between how much the wild landscape should be "managed" to encourage particular landscapes, and how much they should be left. And what is wild? Is there a "good" wild and a "bad" wild?

("Bewilderness" is an invented term and a title for a poem by fellow poet Joan. Lovely eh?)

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