Sunday, 11 January 2009

Railtrack vandals

A walk through Poynton Wood. Beyond the railway fence, wholesale deforestation of all the trees right the way along the line. It not only looks dreadful, but the effect on birds and wildlife must be incalculable. All this with no consultation, no accountabilty. My friend Gwen who lives nearby got a letter to say it would happen - that's all.
Meanwhile, our crusade to get the City Council to remove the new lights alongside open moorland outside Totley gathers apace with a meeting of locals on Wednesday. Not just nimbyism I think - the effect on the countryside is visible for miles around, let alone the lightening of the night skies. Walkers, tourists, all use this road, this open land.

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  1. Hey! A comment!
    Good luck with the lights - I agree, there are far too many unnecessary lights about.
    However, railways are well known not to get on with trees & Railtrack (or whatever they're called now) will periodically lop them. I don't think you'll stop them doing that. I think it was Ronnie Reagan who said 'trees are the worst polluters', which is maybe going a bit far.