Saturday, 17 January 2009

urban creep

We walked up to the end of Gillfield wood this morning.
The new 30 and 40mph signs are up already despite the objections and comments deadline only being yesterday. Cynical or what? Cars still speeding like billyo though. Don't these lamp standards look absolutely vile across the open countryside? Do these planners have eyes at all?
We found Chris the birdwatcher at the site where the new bus terminus will be, clearing litter. Good on him. He saw waxwings this morning in a fruit tree near the closed Spar shop on Busheywood Road.
Maisie and I came back through the wood. At our end we saw long tailed tits - lots round here lately. Perching on a gutter on a house near the scout hut was a grey wagtail wagging its bum at us. Perhaps we should all paint our bums and wag them at the people who make these ridiculous decisions.

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