Thursday, 15 January 2009

Scrabbling about

Today Christine and I explored the deepest disused and presumably most ancient holloway on old Totley Lane down from Bradway. There are three levels at the Totley end, near Brook Hall and the Lodge. As one "road" became deep and muddy from packhorses and carts - it was abandoned and another path made higher up. Here we find an old purse and bag where some bad boy has chucked his stolen goods.

And an old fallen tree in the bottom, looking like something out of Tolkien.

Much singing from the birds today. The robins' songs seem less wistful, more confident. Later on, two were fighting over their territory at the edge of Greenoak Park.

Last night I was part of a small group (but set to grow larger) who have formed to fight the awful new lights on the A621 Baslow Road. These are huge, close together and line the open countryside and moorland outside Totley. The group also wants to monitor and campaign against other inappropriate development and creeping urbanisation in the city's green fringe , close to the Peak Park. The group is to be called SPACE - Sheffield and Peak Against Urban Encroachment. So - watch this SPACE!


  1. The tree looks much more spooky in your photo than it did in the flesh....wood. What a good old furtle around we had.

  2. Didn't we? And what a good word - furtle....

  3. All power to the SPACE elbow.Is it true that the council has increased trhe speed limit on Baslow Road?

    Neil aka Blacka Blogger

  4. No - they are reducing it from 70 to 30mph for the new bus terminus they say. The new lighting goes with a 30mph limit. We say 40mph (country road)is enough with lighting and signage around the terminus itself. But thin end of the wedge - development on the Dysons Brickworks site? Ribbon development up the newly lit urbanised road?